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An idea done by me and probably

millions more – since that fateful day.


              A Checklist of Things I Must Do Today


In the wake of the tragic events of Sept. 11, 2001, something indefinable arose: a rare appreciation of life, relationships, love – of things that truly matter, a treasury of enduring value . . . a chance!


If I knew that it would be the last time that I would be with you – would I have sung you one more song, told you one more secret and tucked you gently into bed a little tighter?


If I thought it would be the last time I’d be walking out the door – would I have held your angel face in my hands as I sweetly kissed you goodbye; and embraced you tenderly, completely, only to return for one last, fond farewell?


If I believed it would be the last hour to spare an extra minute for you – would I have been so anxious to return to what I had been doing or have you feel that I was a bit annoyed at your request?


If I felt it was the final day that we would kindly share – would I have at all costs told you, showed you, reinforced in promises and tears, that your love completes me – ¬makes me whole – that I’m not entirely me without you?


If I knew it was my last opportunity to know your smile, your laughing eyes, to breathe you in – would I have memorized every aspect of your person, each contour, line and shadow, to forever recall that we had shared a blessed life together?


If something had whispered that there would be no tomorrow on this earthly plane and that our future would be distant in coming – would I have seized the moment and lived today differently, fearlessly . . . better?


In truth, there are no certainties, no guarantees in time – only choices, intentions, possibilities, and our sincere and precious hope. And surely there’s tomorrow to sustain our faith and dreams; time to renew, a chance to make another memory and let you know that you’re the very best part of my world…

   But just in case there isn’t . . . let me do it now – today!