ElderREADTM/KinderREADTM an exclusive program of the Excelsior Organization

We are pleased to announce our plans to work with READING OUTREACH a brand new, innovative Community Service Outreach Program designed to bring together several vital and compatible forces in order to create a symbiotic and mututally beneficial relationship.

Here, a young person under the jurisdiction of the Juvenile Courts System iwill be assigned to read a motivational or inspirational book to either seniors in Community Centers or residing in Assisted Living Facilities through the ElderREADTM Program or to children in Long Term Care at local hospitals through the KinderREADTM program.

The books that will be read are specifically selected for their singular messages of hope and peace in these difficult, noise-tired times.

The books are puchased by businesses or private sponsors and once read, are donated to the participants.

The program benefits both listener and reader. . .

The "Readers" improve their reading skills as they present and retain uplifting and motivating material. They also receive the benefit of direct association with positive examples and role models as well as the pardoxical benefit of extending beyond themselves serving others.

The "Listeners" receive the value of companionship, conversation and the "lift" of stories of hope and healing.

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