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Nov. 2019

Oct. 2019

Branson, Mo.


    A new, unique Bible reference tool receives rave reviews from students of the scriptures


A newly released “Gospels” study aid is proving to be a valuable asset to both “Bible Beginners” and “Scripture Experts” alike.


ScriptureSMARTS™ / Gospels Edition, published by X Media® Productions, is a creative reference tool that literally places a treasury of useful “Gospel” information at your fingertips. This unique presentation contains easy to read charts, tables and illustrations on a variety of gospel topics in a unique and efficient “flipchart” format. It provides the fundamentals to instantly increase your Bible IQ.


ScriptureSMARTS™ was researched and compiled by J.M. Jolley, a long-time serious student of the Bible who created it to help his children with their own personal study of the scriptures. Now he's made it available to the rest of us.


“"The criteria for the content and format were readily known to me",” says Jolley. "It had to":


• Contain, in one resource, helpful, interesting and practical Bible reference material.


• Clarify confusing ideas and provide information that is difficult to find.


• Be handy and carry conveniently with your scriptures.


• Be fun and user-friendly in an easy to use “point and flip” format.


"We are gratified by the response of our Scripture SMARTS users."


“ScriptureSMARTS is a God-send. It’s great for Bible study class.” – T.J.

“This work contains useful stuff that’s hard to find. I feel like a Bible scholar.” – Mary D.

“Useful, interesting and fun . . . what more could you ask from a study aid?” – Roger H.


ScriptureSMARTS™ is printed on high-quality, UV protected card stock that is bound in a distinctive and functional ‘waterfall’ format for ease of use and optimal presentation. It is available at Christian bookstores and as a special fund-raiser from many resourceful churches.


The Gospels Edition will soon be joined by three additional volumes including the New Testament: Acts – Revelation Edition, and Old Testament Volume 1 and Volume 2.


LifeSMARTS™ Productions may be contacted at:



Branson, Mo.

Finally, a card he'’ll keep . . .

For a couple of bucks, you can send your dad the typical greeting card: “What do you get the man who has everything . . . absolutely nothin!

For a bit more you could upgrade to a HeartCard, a unique, new, special-occasion card that provides, in eight exceptional pages, a compelling, inspirational short story. A story that expresses a deep and lasting emotion to the one you send it. Distinctive cover art and interior images add further appeal to this one-of-a-kind presentation. Each card is the more unusual because it is designed to be customized with the personal pictures of both the giver and receiver. Nothing about this card is standard, even the envelope is special.

And HeartCards seem to be having a common albeit unsettling effect.

"“I gave a HeartCard to my dad last Father’s Day, although I wasn’t sure he’d ‘get it’ or even finish the whole thing,” says thirty-five year old Justine. “Not only did he devour every word . . . when he discovered my message and our pictures on the back cover . . . he cried. I couldn’t believe it. Of the scores of cards I’ve sent him over the years I’d never witnessed such a thing. It was great! I went back to the store and picked out several more cards so I could duplicate the experience in the future.”"

"“I was told that the measure of success for a greeting card is how long it avoids the wastebasket after it’s read",” says HeartCard creator, J.M. Jolley with a smile. "“I wanted every card to be a lasting memento and for the most part they are. I know not every story will fit every person, but most readers easily identify with their message. Many people have told me that these cards ‘kick their hearts into high gear’ and that the few minutes it takes to read them are a ‘welcome respite in their busy lives’. Between the personalized photos, message and the emotional impact, it’s a keepsake people are hanging onto. After all this hoopla . . , most guys wouldn’t dare toss it",” he adds with a laugh.

There are 32 HeartCards in the complete line which cover many seasons and reasons to send them.

The company plans to replace two dozen new cards a year to keep the line fresh and relevant.

HeartCards are available at many fine gift and book stores and online at: