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A Thriller . . . Novel and Screenplay

Fellowship of the Secret


For seventy-seven generations, two disparate, secret societies unknown to the cultures and people of the world, have existed in the underbelly of civilization. For eighteen hundred centuries these powerful, ancient enemies have waged an underground war against each other that often resulted in lethal, consequences.

Ironically, behind this brutal conflict is the devout quest for a sacred artifact that provides the details of an elaborate religious ritual initiated by Jesus Christ, himself, during his “forty day” post-resurrection ministry. This obscure, esoteric rite is the means to unknown knowledge, unimaginable power and an immense ancient treasury hidden away by these mysterious people.

One of these singular orders, the “Fellowship of the Secret”, is joined in its mission by an unlikely recruit, Dr. Mark Johns, a renown, American, university professor of ancient linguistics and archeology, wrongfully convicted of counterfeiting charges and serving time in federal prison. Strangely, Dr. John’s participation was foretold by Mark, the Evangelist, in a 2000 year old prophetic document in the possession of the “Fellowship”.

In this heart-pounding adventure we meet up with an elite, covert team of the “Fellowship” as they break Dr. Johns out of prison. The relentless events that follow include deadly encounters across several continents. The ugly mayhem is perpetuated by the ruthless pursuit of the toxic enemy, the Seekers of the Key.

The conflict between these two fanatical forces culminates in the wilderness of Israel’'s Dead Sea as these forces wage a final battle for an immense fortune of gold.


The "Fellowship of the Secret" is a lightning-paced, thriller that marries historical fact and scholarly intrigue with intelligent, creative fiction.

Unpredictable right up to its dramatic conclusion, it is the "Da Vinci Code"” meets “"National Treasure” with a little bit of "Mission Impossible"thrown in for good measure.